Which Banner Ads Spell Success

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A compelling design and a smart placement – these are the two important things that you need to make your banner advertisement a phenomenon! For quite some time, banner advertisements have been getting bad reviews because online marketers have shifted to pay per click strategies and other more attractive, higher return methods of increasing web traffic and sales. Marketers and advertisers alike have been griping about how frustrated users tend to ignore all their marketing efforts completely.

But thanks to the advancement of technology, the problems about loading and viewing ads have disappeared while new targeting technology is now within reach. The flexibility that PPC programs along with the brand of recognition building and the power of attention has been grabbing visual display recently.

If you are looking for some strategies on how to create and place your banner ads in strategic places that will help you save time and money as you build your brand and grow your business, here is a short list to cut your quest short. Here are some of the most effective ways that you can use to make your banner ads a sure win.

Design customized banner advertisements for every website.

    If all your banner ads in all the websites that you put them seem all TOO identical, then they will not stand out and will simply blend in to the background being totally unsuccessful at grabbing the users’ attention. However, if your design is too distracting or too loud, it will encourage a careless attitude to the viewer.

    That means that you need to make sure that the colors, the images, and the fonts that you use complement the site. You do not want to look at a too flashy banner ad!

    Make use of compelling designs and texts.

      Banner copy-writing is actually a very daunting and time consuming task. Since it involves putting an entire company message into a few words or one very short sentence that will oblige the viewers to click, you should make sure that you choose the images carefully in such a way that they will be a logical match to the copy as much as possible.

      Take advantage of the advancement in technology, but not too much.

        Although banner ads that are shifting, blinking, dancing and so on are very easy to create these days and are actually generating a larger population of viewers, you should still be careful not to abuse the technology to the point of annoying the users. Technology can do wonders for your business, but if you abuse its capabilities, it can also cause you the ugliest of disasters.