Why Animated Banners Are So Special?

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Why Animated Banners Are So Special?

Online advertising always bring thrill and zeal among marketers. And when it comes to banner advertising, advertisers get opportunity to experiment with the type of banner. If you want to use banner for your online advertising, you have three types of banners available for you:  static banner, animated GIF banner and animated Flash banner.

In static banners, both your text and graphics will remain still.  It is proven by research that any moving graphics catches our eyes better. That is why a shift of advertiser’s preference points towards animated banner advertising. Both GIF and SWF banners are used for animated banner advertising.

GIF banners can create simple frame by frame animation while SWF (Flash) animation is used for creating magical smooth animation. GIF images load quickly on web pages, so they are hot choices for many advertisers for showing animated banner ads.

Adobe Flash is extremely creative software used to do 2D animations and make stunning presentations. Adobe Flash’s capability to make nice animation is used in creating banners.

Preference for banner designing is towards animated banners because animated banners have following advantages:

Captures the attention of visitor’s eyes.

Changing colors, texts and graphics in the animated banners create influence on visitors to look at the banner. Online users feel more interested to click on animated images in banners.

Allows users to add more text and graphics content.

As animated banners show animation frame-by-frame, advertiser can add more text and graphics to overall presentation. Facility for adding more content and illustration helps banner ads to make a better presentation or strong sales pitch. Also, in frame by frame animation, user gets more time to read and understand parts of message one by one.

Interactivity of the ad.

Flash banner ads are interactive in nature. All the compelling text and a sales message try to involve the visitor with the ad. Intelligent forms, labels and call-to-action buttons enhance the interactive nature of the GIF and Flash banner ad. Because of this interactive nature customers feel mentally associated with the banner ad and this results in generating more click-through rates (CTR) of the banner ads.

If you have not used any animated banner for your business, it is right time to try them. If you plan about the content and use ‘call-to-action’ graphics, you can really expect high CTR for your business. And more visitors you get, more your purpose of banner advertising will be fulfilled.