Why You Should be Using Google Adwords

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Why You Should be Using Google Adwords

Websites thrive on traffic.  Business websites need customers.  Blogs need consumers to read them and subscribe.

As a website owner, you’ll probably spending a large portion of your time driving traffic to you website.  There are several ways to bring traffic.  You can optimize pages for the search engines.  You can write articles and submit them.  You can use social networking to build relationships on the internet.

One very important method of driving traffic is Google Adwords.  Adwords has one important difference from all the other methods mentioned.  Adwords costs money.   You design an ad for your website, and then Google places your ad on their search engine results, in the paid or sponsored links section.  You pay Google every time someone clicks your ad.

However, Adwords has advantages that offset the costs.  Why should you use Google Adwords to drive traffic?  What are the arguments for Adwords?

1) Google Adwords will start sending your website traffic immediately.
It takes time for a website to rank high enough to appear on organic search results.  It takes time to write articles and submit them.  It takes time to build a social network.  All the other methods of driving traffic require an investment of time.  These alternatives require hours of work to establish, and then may take weeks or months to show results.

Adwords will start sending traffic to your website today.  As soon as you create a campaign and an ad, you can begin getting traffic.

2) Google will help you every step of the way.
Google makes a significant portion of their revenue from Adwords ads.  Google makes money by you participating in Adwords and wants you to succeed.  Google publishes user guides, blogs and other information to make using Adwords as easy as possible.

3) Adwords provides the information about your campaign that you need to succeed.
Adwords provides keyword research tools so you know what consumers are searching for.  Adwords helps you evaluate your campaign after it is created.  Adwords supplies you with the impressions, click through rates and costs of you campaign.  It informs you of the Quality Score for your ads, on a scale of 1 to 10.  It offers advice on how to improve the Quality Score.

4) You can control the cost of Adwords with the proper strategy.
Knowing how to obtain a good Quality Score for your ad can reduce your cost per click.  A well optimized campaign can deliver traffic for just a few cents per click.  The Free Adwords Strategy Guide describes step by step how to optimize your ads.

5) Anyone can obtain the top ad positions.
Adwords values quality over price.  Adwords doesn’t simply award the highest ad position to the highest bidder.  The ad quality score is the primary factor in ad positions.  That means you can advertise in highly competitive markets, using a good Quality Score to beat out other advertisers who are simply spending more.  The Free Adwords Strategy Guide reveals exactly how to get a good Quality Score.