Top 5 Mistakes Of The Frustrated AdWords Advertiser

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Top 5 Mistakes Of The Frustrated AdWords Advertiser

Many frustrated Internet Marketers have abandoned their conquest into Google Ad Words after being robbed left, right and center due to their inability to run a successful campaign. If you have the knowledge to run a successful campaign, you can turn it into priceless wisdom that will grant you endless profit, guaranteed!

#1: Relevance: Got a bad CTR (click-through rate)? This is undeniably the biggest problem with all people who advertise with Google. If your ad isn’t relevant to what the user is searching for, then your CTR will plummet! If your ad is relevant to your keywords, you will no doubt see a boost in your CTR, resulting in cheaper bids. Relevance is so crucial. It makes or breaks any campaign. Think long and hard about the relevancy of your advertisements.

#2: Competition: People don’t analyze their competition very well, and end up trying to use the “WOW” factor in their advertisements to attract visitors. Three simple words: Observe your competition. Look at the structure of their advertisements. In fact, look at the top performing advertisements of your niche. Draw the commonalities between them all, and structure your ad based on theirs. You must always do what successful people do. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

#3: Budget: People spend 0 with their budget on their first day. It hurts me to see people telling complaining that they just lost a lot of money with Ad Words. Start small, and if you are maximizing your CTR potential, raise the budget so you can get more clicks. It’s all about maximization. You don’t want to go broke in a matter of days, like many do!

#4: Inactive Keywords: Bad results with your campaign haunt you and stay with your account so long as it exists. Inactive keywords are due to your inability to have a successful CTR, and results in you having to place higher bids.. This literally drives people broke, and Google isn’t willing to be sympathetic about it. To avoid this, again, you need to think about targeting and relevancy. Relevancy is everything with Ad Words. Repeat this to yourself!

#5: Ad-Writing: There are many styles of ad-writing on Ad Words. One of the most famous is known as anti-marketing, which has been so saturated that many newcomers to Ad Words are under the impression that it will “WOW” their target niche market. To some extent, it can. In fact, this is likely if a successful Ad Words user is involved. Some niches have been so saturated with certain styles of ad-writing that it just doesn’t work anymore. In order to really achieve success with headlines and body text of an advertisement, refer to steps #1 and #2. This is all about relevancy and your competition. Target your competition in your niche, grab ideas, and make it relevant to your user.

Take some time to review these tips, and see where you can make improvements. You will be glad you did. :)

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