Banner Advertising – How to Go About it

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Banner Advertising – How to Go About it

Banner advertising is increasingly making a mark in the marketing business. Their ability to attract customers and draw them to a website has enchanted companies and these companies want to use them with full force to promote their products and services. Banner advertising has turned out to be the most popular form of advertising on world wide web. Here a graphic and link are shown on a website, wherein people are able to notice them when they are finally loaded onto the site.

The most common banner advertising is the one that is shown on the top of the web page. If this ad is a paid one, then it will occupy the whole page. Such ads are sold on the basis of impressions or click through. Medallion ads are the newer form of advertising and have also been widely accepted. Here, a bunch of smaller banner ads are shown in a corner of a web page. These are sold by click through basis. These normally appear on pages that have written articles posted onto them.

The usefulness of banner advertising is manifold. Its aim is to maximise sales, make buyers aware of products and services, popularising ideas on a specific topic, and more importantly getting people to memorise your company.

But there are certain points that need to be focused on while creating banner ads to make them more efficient. Keep banner ads small and make sure that they don’t take much time to load. Smaller and faster banner ads have been found to be clicked at more often than larger ones and media-enriched ones.

Use of radio buttons and click boxes also make them eye-grabbing and invite more clicks. Surfers should not feel as if they are being tricked into something they do not want. The idea should be to allow surfers to make up his or her mind that this is something worthwhile and of his or her interest before he or she clicks through.

Use of animations in a banner ad can also be productive. However, you must ensure that the animation moves horizontally because humans are naturally inclined to notice any movement that is horizontal. Hence, it is very likely to make an impact on them and attract them.