Adwords Strategies Part 2 Increasing Page Position

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Adwords Strategies Part 2 Increasing Page Position

AdWords Strategies to Increase Page Position

There are many AdWords strategies to consider however the purpose of this Article is to help you understand why it is important to have a high page position and what AdWords strategies you can implement to in order to obtain one. The while there are many reasons for you to obtain a high page position I will only concentrate one to for now as it is considered to be by many the most important. The reason that you want a high page position in Google AdWords is an obvious one for most; you want more traffic. Traffic leads to more sales. In other words the more traffic you have the more money you make. The more visible your AdWords ad is to the reader then the more clicks you are likely to get. In other words the less work a person has to do in order to see your add the better. If you AdWords Ad is in the first position Google’s search results the user looking for a product can more easily see your ad then if you were in the 10th position.

Google AdWords Quality Score

Google AdWords uses a quality score system to rate your ads keywords in relation to your overall campaign. The Quality score of Google AdWords is very important when considering page position and is directly related. Let me explain. The better your quality score the lower your cost per click will be, assuming that all other areas of your campaign are in unison with other AdWords quality score criteria. There are several determining factors to consider when trying to obtain a high quality score, however I will focus on two main factors for now that can have a dramatic effect on your quality score. The first determining factor is that of relevance. The more relevant you overall campaign is to your to the product or service you are selling is the better. You don’t want to have the keyword “meditation” if your advertisement says “AdWords Strategies” unless your selling meditation related products or services. The history of your campaign is also very important in determining your quality score. If you have had a bad campaign on a certain URL that you are using for a landing page in the past and you are struggling to increase your quality score, you may want to consider starting a new campaign with a new URL.

The “Pay Over” Strategy

Another AdWords strategy for those that have money to spare is one of the most obvious. For this AdWords strategy what you are going to do is outbid your competitor. However your are not just going to bid the going rate. You are going to bid well over the highest rate. By doing this you are accomplishing three things. First of all in most cases you are going to be in the number one page position on Google. Secondly You are going to increases the bid for your competitors. Additionally you will be making it harder for your competitors to compete with you, and possible have them drop out of the competition for your keyword or keywords all together. Now you are not going to keep your bid over the highest suggested price for too long. Once you see your competitors drop out of the competition you can go ahead and reduce your bid, while still obtaining the highest page position.


In conclusion page position is arguably one of the most important factors to consider when starting an advertising campaign with Google AdWords. The higher your page position is the more visible your AdWords ad is, which ultimately can translate into more clicks, which in turn can mean more sales. There are many things you can do to increase your page position however some of the easiest and most effective are improving your quality score and paying more than your competitor. Overall, implementing AdWords strategies can be lot of work and takes focus and determination, however in the end it’s worth it.

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