Flash Banner Ads

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Businesses look for advertising mediums that are interactive and interesting to the audience. This is the only way to attract the customers you need for your businesses to stay afloat! We offer that solution in the form of the creative flash banner ad, created by a team of creative, passionate and talented designers.

A plain text message just isn’t very effective; most web users won’t bother to read it or they may not even see it. Flash banner ads on the other hand are a wonderful combination of text, audio and video (optional); a blend that produces an effect that words alone cannot express.

Flash banner ads have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Almost all banner adverting networks support flash ads. Even better is the fact that all types of devices which can be used to browse the internet also support flash banners, including tablets and smart phones! This gives businesses a much wider audience to hit which means more prospective customers.

Recent surveys have shown that flash ads are about 30-40% more effective than their static, plain text banner ad counterparts. In a world where businesses have to fight tooth and nail to get customers, it’s important to get every edge you can!

People love to watch animated ads, but the ads should also lead to conversion and quick sales. Our design team are not only great at designing wonderful flash ads, but they also know how to turn a passive watcher into a potential customer. And we make absolutely certain that your message is never lost in the glitter and flash; we keep the focus on your products and services so that users both understand what you’re offering and feel compelled to check it out further by clicking.

The problem with static banner ads is that they are limited by space and the message is easy to lose or ignore. But with the animation in flash banner ads, you can make your ad say a thousand words with a single image and your message is fully customized. And put aside your fears about huge file sizes and eternal loading times: our technical team is fully qualified to tackles those issues.

The Final Result – An Attractive Flash Ad Banner That Loads In The Blink Of An Eye!

We offer flash banner ad designs in almost all sizes. With rich visuals and audio (optional), these banners are the most effective way to grab the attention of potential customers. So place your order for a flash banner ad design today!

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