Animated GIF Ads

The old-school animated ad, yet powerful!

Let your business tell it’s story with an Animated GIF Ad Banner.

Your banner ad campaigns can come back to life with Animated GIF Ads. They are affordable, they are eye catching, and they are acceptable across the internet as an advertising medium. If you like the idea of animated banners, but your budget isn’t as large as you’d like, go for this style and get the benefits without slicing apart your budget.

Animated GIF banner ads are a simple graphic image that moves; for example, a spinning top, numbers that grow or shrink or an interchange between two images. It can loop endlessly or it can show a few images and then stop on a point that you feel will get across the point of your business best. GIF Ads are most often used in online banner advertising because they are quick to view, can get across even complex messages with ease and are effective.

This method of advertising has a few advantages over static banner ads and even over the HTML5 banner ads:

When properly designed, animated GIF ads are a very effective means of conveying a message around your business. They can be placed all over the internet and will help to drive more traffic to your website.

And we design fantastic Animated GIF ads!
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